sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008


FDNY firefighters went to work on a 2nd Alarm fire in the Flushing Section of Queens, NY on Roosevelt Avenue and Union Street. Early reports place heavy fire on the top floor and cockloft of a 3 story brick building with commercial on the first and apartment son the second and third floors.
Fox news Video Coverage - CLICK HERE

NY1 Video Coverage - CLICK HERE

Responding Units: Engs. 273, 274, 320 Lads. 129, 167 Batt. 52 Ladder 130 is designated as the

“FAST” TruckEng. 297 Rescue Co. #4 Squad Co. #288 Batt. 46 Division 14 Engine 295 & TowerLadder 138 are s/c2nd Alarm: Engs. 316, 289, 299T. Lad. 152Eng. 324 w / Satellite 4 Batt. 53 “Safety Officer” Batt. 50 “Resource Unit Leader” Rescue battalion / Safety BattalionFieldcom 1 / Tactical Support Unit #1Command Tactical UnitCar 4 “henry” Assist. Chief Manahan ( Deputy Chief of Operations ) Fieldcom 1: Special Call an additional Tower Ladder. TowerLadder 144 s/cFieldcom 1: Special Call an additional Engine Co. to supply water to Tower Ladder 144.Engine 315 is s/cFieldcom 1: Box 4475, Special Call ( 2 ) additional Trucks.Ladder 151 & Ladder 125 are s/cSpecial Call: ( 2 ) Engine’s ( 2 ) TowerLadders & ( 2 ) Battalion Chief’s for “relief”Engines: 325, 286, Tower Ladders: 117, 164, Battalion: 49, 54 are s/c



-Se comunica el sensible fallecimiento del M.H, y Vol. Hon. de la 1a. Compañía del Cuerpo de Bomberos Metropolitano Sur, don Carlos Iglesias Ayala, con 65 años de servicios.

-Se comunica el sensible fallecimiento del antiguo Voluntario Hon. de la 16a. Compañía "Bomba Chile" del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago, don Héctor Toro Romero, con premio por 30 años de servicios.

- Se comunica el sensible fallecimiento del Voluntario de la 11a. Compañía de Bomberos de Santiago "Pompa Italia", don Amadeo Cuneo Basaure, con premio de 50 años de servicios. El señor Cuneo era ademas fundador del Cuerpo de Bomberos de El Monte y su 1a. Compañía.

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